Surface Milling for Construction Equipment

In the field, construction equipment will go through a lot of heavy-duty work. And while excavators and materials handlers are designed for specific wear and tear while on the job, the same continual actions can cause ruts or other imperfections on otherwise smooth parts or areas of the machinery.

These grooves can cause even more friction which will only worsen over time. This will keep the equipment from operating as smoothly as it should or damage other parts of the excavator or attachments. There are certain “wear” parts that are expected to be replaced over time, but in some cases, these can be resurfaced to extend their lifespan.

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Construction Equipment Surface Milling Services

Triad Machinery milling services can return those surfaces to their original state by removing the ruts that were caused over time. In other situations, angled surfaces can erode over time and lose contact with corresponding surfaces. Triad Machinery can build those surfaces back up and then mill to replicate their original state.

Construction equipment surface milling services can help you save money over the life of your equipment by returning parts to their original form. By restoring these pieces (when applicable), you can save money on replacement parts over the lifetime of your equipment.

Construction Equipment Service and Repair

When the time comes for your Link-Belt Construction (LBX) Equipment to be serviced or repaired, Triad Machinery has six locations throughout Washington and Oregon. Whether it’s surface milling, replacing worn or broken parts, or just regularly scheduled maintenance, each location has oversized bays to take care of your equipment.

We can also service your equipment: Let us know what the issue is and our fully-outfitted trucks can meet you at the worksite. This saves you time and money and gets you back to work that much faster. We also have a 95% availability rate on all LBX parts, so if your LBX equipment needs something, chances are we have it. And if not, we’ll track it down.

Construction Equipment Service

If your Link-Belt heavy machinery needs it, we have it. But we also have the technicians to help repair, maintain, and perform any number of services your heavy equipment needs. With fully outfitted service trucks, we can take care of your machinery at our location or in the field.

Each location has oversized bays equipped with overhead cranes and experienced service technicians to repair, maintain, and upgrade your construction equipment. We also offer metal fabrications and reinforcements for rub plates, side plates, and blades as well as safety cages, railings, and panels.

We provide the construction equipment and support you need.

Whether you are searching for new, a gently used excavators, or a quality trade-in we can get you the construction equipment you need. Contact your Triad Machinery Territory Manager today!

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