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Update: Progress Being Made On Triad Machinery’s Sumner Facility

Triad Machinery is excited to offer updates on the construction of our new facility in Sumner, Washington. This facility will be the home of Triad Machinery’s Western Washington team, currently based out of Tacoma. The transition to the Sumner facility will happen later this year. Among the recent construction progress: Drywall installation, North & South […]

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Safety Corner: Ten Tips For Forklift & Heavy Equipment Safety

Safety Corner: Ten Tips For Forklift & Equipment Safety  On jobsites, heavy equipment is defined as heavy-duty vehicles that are specifically designed to assist with job tasks. Examples include cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, and backhoes, among many others.  OSHA requires training, inspections, and routine maintenance for all pieces of jobsite heavy equipment. In this month’s safety […]

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Safety Corner: Cold Weather Preparedness Plan

Winter weather brings a variety of hazards to industrial jobsites, from slippery surfaces to reduced visibility, to cold weather illnesses like hypothermia. Cold weather can also impact heavy equipment, making it more dangerous to work on or around. In this blog safety corner blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the dangers of cold […]

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Safety Corner: Organization Tips For Industrial Jobsites

Forklift in Factory

Maintaining an organized workspace is crucial for ensuring safety in any job. When clutter and disorganization reign, accidents and injuries are much more likely to occur. This can lead to lost productivity, downtime, and even legal trouble. By prioritizing organization and cleanliness in the workplace, employees and employers alike can create a safer and more […]

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Avoiding Digital Scammers In The Forestry, Construction and Crane Industries

Construction Workers

If you work on the administrative side of any business, from the construction to forestry industry to everything in between, you have to deal with technology. Payments, contracts, employee records and more can be processed digitally now. For example, a construction contractor may be required to digitally submit documents for a job, or a trucking […]

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October Safety Corner: Fire Extinguisher Safety

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are vital safety equipment that should be present in every workplace, including jobsites. Fires can start from a wide variety of sources, and in case of fire, having a fire extinguisher nearby can prevent a small fire from becoming a large one and causing significant damage. In this month’s safety corner, we’ve got […]

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August Safety Corner: Trailer Safety

Equipment on Trailer

Heavy haul transportation is one of the lifebloods of the American economy- Our country relies on transportation for many important services. But while the industrial transportation industry is vital, it can also be inherently dangerous, which is why safety measures are of the utmost importance. In this month’s Safety Corner, we’re reviewing policies and procedures […]

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What Do Field Service Technicians Do?

A Triad Machinery field service truck for field service technicians at a logging site.

Harvesting timber in dense forestland, paving the way for new suburban neighborhoods, and erecting high-rises downtown. For many industries, heavy equipment does a lot of the, well… heavy lifting. So when those harvesters, excavators, or hydraulic trucks go down for any amount of time, field service technicians are often called to get them up and […]

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Why Work For Triad Machinery?

Exterior shot of a Triad Machinery location with a service truck and pickup our front.

Are you a heavy machinery service technician looking to work for a company that truly values what you bring to the table? Or maybe you’re looking to bring your administrative skills and eye for detail to a company that believes that a job can be something more than just a place where you punch the […]

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