3D Lifting Plans

A 3D lift plan used to prepare for a lift

Whether it’s using a lift boom to repair a transformer atop a power pole or lifting 100 tons of material 100 feet in the air, careful planning is needed. Called a lift plan, there are several factors to consider; lift radius of the crane or boom, weight to be lifted, and even the amount of […]

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July Safety Corner – Beat the Heat

As the weather changes from season to season, each brings its own inherent risk.  Below a few hazards during the summer months and what you can do to protect yourselves. Sun & Heat—Risks from sun and heat include sunstroke, dehydration, and sun burns. When heat poses a danger to you, make sure that you stay […]

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Tigercat Skidder Financing Special Extended!

Tigercat has extended their Finance Special on new Tigercat Skidders delivered through July! Rates from 0% for 36 months, 0.9% for 48 months and 1.9% for 60 months on approval of credit. Check out our current inventory of new Tigercat Skidders and reach out to your local Triad representative for more information! […]

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The Importance of Lumberjacks to Triad Machinery

Harvester collecting logs

From Paul Bunyan to the Brawny paper towel guy, lumberjacks have long held a special place in the collective consciousness of American lore. They forged westward, producing timber to build homes, wagons, furniture, and more. Logging was a leading industry during much of the last century, bested by wood pulp and paper manufacturing in the […]

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Crane Guidelines for Cranes

Orange and white checkered flag on a crane

Before any construction project that involves work with cranes can begin, engineers develop a safe-lifting plan. This includes marking a working radius around the crane and removing vehicles and other objects away from the fall area if possible. Making notes of overhead wires and structures, and generally making a plan before every day of lifting. […]

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Garco Operates Link-Belt Cranes Around the Clock in Seattle

Lexington, KY – In second quarter, the 2019 Seattle, Washington City Council reached agreement on funding the largest new development in the city’s history – a $1.6 billion expansion of the Washington State Convention Center. Joint venture Clark-Lewis (formed between Clark Construction and Lease Crutcher Lewis) was awarded a $960 million construction contract for the […]

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May Safety Corner – Shop Safety

Safe work habits and a clean work environment are an integral part in creating a positive company culture. At Triad Machinery, we focus on providing a safe working environment for our employees (and customers). Below are 12 Shop Safety Guidelines All Personnel Should Always Follow. Safety glasses are required in shop area(s); never work without […]

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Tigercat Launches LogOn

Tigercat is pleased to announce the launch of LogOn, a powerful onboard information system to optimize machine performance and reduce downtime. Users can now easily access detailed machine data and diagnostics tools at the worksite, including mechanical parameters, fuel economy, performance metrics, service codes, service manuals and more. Users can access detailed fault codes and important […]

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