Construction Equipment On-Site Delivery and Orientation

As the authorized dealer in LBX equipment, including excavators and material handlers, we understand the machinery inside and out. Not only will we find the right piece of equipment for your job, but we’ll also deliver the machinery and give you an on-site orientation of how the equipment works.

This is especially helpful when working with a new model or construction equipment you may not be familiar with. Even the most experienced operators need information about changes from one model to the next, new safety measures, and any operational modifications that have been updated or upgraded.

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When construction equipment arrives on-site, it is important that the operators are properly orientated to the equipment. This includes familiarizing them with the controls, safety features, and proper use of the equipment. Delivery and orientation typically occur in two phases.

The first phase is the delivery of the equipment to the site. The delivery crew will unload and position the equipment according to the plans and specifications. They will also ensure that all safety features are in working order and that the equipment is ready for use.

The second phase is the orientation of the operators. The operators will be given a hands-on demonstration of how to safely operate and use the equipment. Orientation is an important step in ensuring that everyone stays safe on-site and that the equipment is used properly and to its full potential.

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With six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, we can deliver your equipment no matter where you are in Oregon and Washington. Find the location nearest you and talk to one of our experienced sales managers. We’ll get you situated with the right construction equipment, set up a delivery date, and provide you with a manufacturer representative, territory manager, or technician when available.

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