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Although Link-Belt Excavators (LBX) are heavy-duty pieces of equipment designed to move tons of earth around, technological advances make it so they can also offer pinpoint precision to the job. Newer models of LBX excavators can come equipped with this software, but Triad Machinery can also add the gear to older models.

The software and hardware we install, service, replace, or repair will help with service reminders, usage, sudden issues, and even control the machines at times. Your construction jobs will be more efficient, more productive, and safer for your crews and your equipment.

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We provide financing options for your next heavy equipment purchase. Triad Machinery works with a number of lenders and can provide you with the best rates to meet your business needs.

RemoteCARE Telematics

RemoteCARE Telematics is designed to keep you informed about the health of your LBX excavators. When installed, the software will keep track of the equipment and send information if something goes wrong. If something suddenly goes wrong, you’ll know what the problem is almost immediately. RemoteCARE comes standard on all LBX equipment with lifetime access and no subscription fees.

Beyond the health of your machine, RemoteCARE Telematics will also let you know where and when your equipment is being used. The software will tell you where your excavator is, how much fuel it’s used, and idle time. It’s like being in the operator’s seat without actually being on the job site!

Link-Belt Precision Grade

With standard excavators, operators in the cab rely on several spotters, flags, and other reference points to make sure they’re digging where they need to. Want to help your excavator operator be more exact? With the Link-Belt Precision Grade technology, your operators will always know exactly where they need to be.

Offering both 2D and 3D rendering of a worksite, Precision Grade software uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and a small group of sensors located on an excavator’s body, boom, arm, and bucket linkage. A monitor in the cab will let an operator know where to start, how deep to go, and other specifications.

All LBX models come equipped with RemoteCARE, but grade control is an add-on. Some machines can be ordered from the factory with it while others have grade control added at Triad Machinery.

Tech Service Professionals

When you work with Triad Machinery, you’re working with the authorized dealer of Link-Belt Excavator (LBX) equipment and other construction equipment. Our service technicians are factory trained on all Link-Belt machinery and routinely update their certifications. Whether it’s updating your software on standard tech or upgrading the equipment itself, Triad Machinery technicians handle it all.

Working with the information provided by RemoteCARE Telematics and Precision Grade software, our technicians provide fast repair, replacement, and maintenance work. Whether it’s replacing dirty fluids and other routine services or fixing broken booms or tracks, Triad Machinery has six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest that will get you up and running in short order.

We provide the construction equipment and support you need.

Whether you are searching for new, a gently used excavators, or a quality trade-in we can get you the construction equipment you need. Contact your Triad Machinery Territory Manager today!

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