Construction Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic cylinders allow cranes, excavators, and other heavy machinery to operate more efficiently and with more power. From lifting, loading, dredging, and moving earth, more power means more productivity. So when something goes wrong with your hydraulics, the entire job site could come to a standstill.

Triad Machinery performs hydraulic cylinder repair and maintenance to keep your construction equipment moving. While regular maintenance helps address small issues before they become big problems, sudden failures or breakdowns can’t always be accounted for. With six locations around the Pacific Northwest, we’re here to get you up and running again.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Are you able to spot when there are issues with your hydraulic cylinder? Whether it’s a loss of power, obvious leaks, a cracked cylinder, or damage to other components, get in touch with Triad Machinery’s service department as soon as possible.

All Triad Machinery locations have large, oversized service bays, which allows us to work on the largest pieces of equipment. Our crews go through regularly scheduled training and certification to ensure your machinery is getting the very best service and repair work done. We know how important it is to get you up and running again–but we also know safety is the number one factor.

Construction Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Although excavators or material handlers aren’t the quietest pieces of machinery, loud knocking noises coming from your hydraulic cylinder tube aren’t normal. This may be a sign that fluid is leaking and the air is compromising the equipment, known as cavitation. Another sign your hydraulic systems are stressed is inconsistent, jerky movement. Uneven wear on the cylinder rod is also a sign that something is amiss.

We inspect the cylinder ports, rod assembly, rod and pistons, and the levels of hydraulic oil in your excavators and material handlers to make sure there are no obvious flaws. Rod seal or piston seal replacement and other minor repairs go a long way to protecting your equipment. But more aggressive steps may be necessary if you’re still losing hydraulic fluid.

Your Local Construction Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Experts

With locations from Seattle to Bend to Spokane to Eugene, Triad Machinery has you covered from the Pacific Coast to the east side of the mountains. Through our partnership with Link-Belt, all of our technicians have been factory-trained to handle any and all hydraulic cylinder issues with your LBX equipment.

But we also work on other equipment (cranes and forestry) as well as other brands. Basically, if you’re having an issue with your excavator or material handler in Washington or Oregon, Triad Machinery can help. Take a look at our locations to see which branch is closest to you.

In need of new or used LBX equipment? We offer a full line of Link-Belt equipment and our used inventory is constantly changing. For short-term use, talk to us about our rental fleet–we offer the newest rental inventory in the PNW. Most of our rentals are less than three years old and receive full servicing before each use.

We provide the construction equipment and support you need.

Whether you are searching for new, a gently used excavators, or a quality trade-in we can get you the construction equipment you need. Contact your Triad Machinery Territory Manager today!

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