Line Boring for Construction Equipment

Heavy-duty construction equipment like excavators, material handlers, and road builders see a lot of grueling work, often in less-than-ideal conditions. And while they are built for the rigors of the worksite, there are certain parts that get worn down after the constant wear and tear of the job. These are actually known as “wear” parts and are designed to be replaced, like brake pads on a car.

However, there are other parts of the equipment that also wear down over time that require a little more attention. Even with regular servicing and maintenance, joints and connections can begin to deteriorate, affecting how the machine operates. In many cases, pin bores that connect two pieces can elongate or otherwise get out of alignment after time.

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Line Bore Rehabbing for Construction Equipment

Bores at junction points allow for movement and are made to exact specifications for smooth operation. When the bores get “loose,” that operation is affected, causing vibrations or jerky movements that could cause increased friction on other adjoining parts of the equipment. This is when your equipment is vulnerable to failures and/or breakage.

Triad Machinery line boring services will bring those worn bores back to their original shape or create bores that bring the equipment back into alignment. Bore welding – welding material onto the part to create the exact specifications again – is used when a single bore is misshapen. There are also repair sleeves that can be manufactured and inserted into the elongated bore. If other bores have held their shape, no other action is required.

In other cases, the bore may be widened to create a perfect circle again. If these are collinear bores (where the same bore is needed across several parts, all bores will need to be widened. Basically, we’ll change the size of the original bores on the equipment. Line boring is a much cheaper remedy than replacing the entire part.

Expert Line Boring and Heavy Machinery Service

Triad Machinery service technicians are all Link-Belt certified and renew their credentials on an annual basis. We’ll inspect the bores of your equipment and make recommendations for line boring and other repairs when needed. We also work with other heavy machinery brands as well, both with line boring and general repairs and servicing.

With six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, you’re never too far away from a Triad Machinery. We have large, oversized bays that can accommodate most heavy machinery. If you’re worried about a particular bore or noticing your excavator, material handler, or another heavy piece of equipment is laboring, feel free to give us a call and we can check it out.

Full-Service Heavy Duty Construction Equipment Dealer

Triad Machinery is the authorized dealer of Link-Belt equipment in the Pacific Northwest, so in addition to line boring and other repairs, we also sell new and used equipment. Our rental fleet is the newest in Oregon and Washington (most of our equipment is less than three years old) and we have a parts inventory availability rate of 95%.

Essentially, if you need an excavator, repair or maintenance, parts or attachments, Triad Machinery has you covered. Find your location and let us know what you need–we look forward to hearing from you!

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