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Pre-lift safety inspections are the most important step before any day of work on the job site. Depending on the crane, more than 600 tons can be lifted 100 feet overhead. That is not the time to suddenly run into issues that could have been discovered during a 30-minute precautionary check.

Any crane is only as strong as its weakest link. Whether it’s the rigging equipment, fluids levels, or instruments in the cab, making sure that everything is in good working condition is priority number one. While hooks, wire ropes, and slings are relatively easy to inspect and need to happen at the start of every day.

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Boom Inspections

Other parts of the crane, the boom for example, also need to be visually inspected every day it’s in use. However, to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, all crane booms need an in-depth inspection at least every 12 months. From the largest all-terrain cranes to the smallest boom or mobile cranes, these inspections will ensure proper operation of your equipment.

A qualified crane inspector should be conducting the inspection. They’ll have the experience to spot safety hazards and will be able to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Auxiliary components, such as operational aides and safety devices, will also need to be inspected.

This could be making sure the correct connecting pins are properly placed and secured to ensuring the pendants, wear pads, and other parts at the top of the boom aren’t worn or frayed. A detailed inspection of the operating mechanism and other cab controls will make sure the boom reacts as it should.

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