Crane On-Site Delivery and Overviews

Triad Machinery is an authorized dealership for Link-Belt Cranes in the Pacific Northwest. With six strategically located branches throughout the region, we offer the largest inventory of both used and new Link-Belt Cranes.

Triad Machinery specializes in all of Link-Belt Cranes product lines including, but not limited to, Hydraulic Truck Cranes (HTCs), Hydraulic Truck Terrain (HTTs), All Terrain Cranes (ATCs), Rough Terrain Cranes (RTCs), Telescopic Crawler Cranes (TCCs), and Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes (LCs).

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We provide financing options for your next crane purchase. Triad Machinery works with a number of lenders and can provide you with the best rates to meet your business needs.

Rentals With Peace of Mind

Before we send them your way, all of our cranes go through an intense Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) before being delivered to your job site. We make sure all fluids, connection points, panels, monitors, and more will be at the proper levels and at factory presets before they get to you. After arriving at the worksite, our technicians can make any adjustments needed to meet your operational needs.

Cranes are massive pieces of machinery, so their transport can be quite difficult and stressful. Triad Machinery has you covered with our on-site delivery services.

On delivery day, we can send a manufacturer representative, territory manager, and technician when available. Our technician will do a machine overview or orientation for you or whoever is on-site to operate the equipment. Usually, this involves a walk around the machine where they will highlight grease points, maintenance items, and other important areas.

Crane Professionals

With six locations around the Pacific Northwest, Triad Machinery has you covered. All of our locations can help you find the cranes, forestry equipment, and other construction equipment you might need.

We pride ourselves on our spectacular customer service and sales team, so you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and care. Get in touch with your local Triad Machinery location today!

We provide the cranes and support you need.

We pride ourselves as a full-service dealership, providing repairs, parts, and maintenance for your equipment needs. Each of our six branches specializes in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts, and service.

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