Technical Support for Cranes

Link-Belt RemoteCARE® Telematics for your crane equipment is the ideal way to improve efficiency at your remote worksite. An easy-to-use app tracks the movement of your cranes and sends that information to your phone, laptop, or computer. Know where your equipment is and what it’s doing in real-time.

In addition to increased productivity, Link-Belt RemoteCARE® also provides a measure of security. By taking advantage of GPS and Telematic technology, you can monitor the movement of your equipment when it’s not in service. Geofencing capabilities mean you can even power down your cranes remotely.

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Stay on top of maintenance schedules

Beyond the actual movement of your cranes, Link-Belt RemoteCARE® Telematics also monitors the overall “health” of your machinery. By keeping track of regular service (such as fluids, filters, etc.), you can plan maintenance and reduce downtown in the field. RemoteCARE® can also warn you about those unexpected stoppages.

Because cranes play such an important part at the job site, untimely failures or repairs can bring work to a screeching halt. Or worse yet, cause injuries to your crew. When Link-Belt RemoteCARE® Telematics sense a potential problem, the operator will receive a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) inside the cab and you’ll be sent an email.

Data-Driven Productivity

As Link-Belt RemoteCARE® Telematics gathers information, you’re able to analyze areas of improvement. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to improve processes, eliminate wasteful movements, and even improve safety at the worksite. This information can also be used to help with operator training and other pre-lift operations. And there are no subscriptions you have to buy – this is a one-time cost!

You can order Link-Belt RemoteCARE® Telematics on all new crane purchases or add it to your existing equipment. This technology can also be added to Link-Belt construction and forestry equipment. Now you’ll know how your equipment is being used even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

In addition to making your equipment more productive, Triad Machinery can also make it more versatile. We carry a wide selection of attachments for cranes and offer a full-equipped metal fabrication shop for more customizations. Find the location nearest you and get in touch.

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