Preventative Crane Maintenance

No matter the machinery – from a riding lawnmower to a fully equipped 50-ton rough terrain crane – regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to long-lasting productivity. Of course, there are a few more nuts and bolts to inspect when working with a rough terrain crane.

So you may not have space, tools, or even the experience to perform the required service your crane needs to maintain its efficiency. So why not have Triad Machinery take care of the maintenance so you can remain focused on the worksite?

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While daily inspections of wire ropes and other rigging equipment improve safety, a preventative maintenance program will prolong the life of your crane. Of course, following the rated capacity of the crane, using experienced crane operators, and other day-to-day steps will also keep the crane at its most efficient.

A routine maintenance plan based on OEM recommendations will decrease safety risks as well as satisfy compliance inspections. Triad Machinery technicians performing a crane inspection are trained to recognize and address warning signs during a normal duty cycle.

Get the most out of your machinery

Triad Machinery has the experience, the tools, and the environment to perform the type of preventative crane maintenance you need to keep your heavy machinery in top working condition. From undercarriage and track inspections to replacing a cracked windshield, a well-maintained crane is a crane that will give you years of service.

Every crane comes with an OEM maintenance booklet from the manufacturer for recommendations that need to be followed. There are standard service schedules that should be followed for fluid levels, belts, control panels, and so on. But each crane model also has its own specific maintenance requirements.

Each Triad Machinery is equipped with maintenance facilities large enough to inspect and service any and every type of crane Link-Belt offers. From the massive all-terrain cranes that reach hundreds of feet in the air and can lift more than 250 tons to the smaller, more nimble rough terrain cranes.

Any Brand, Any Model

Triad Machinery is the authorized Link-Belt Crane dealer in the Pacific Northwest and has a 95% availability rate for the parts and accessories your Link-Belt crane requires. No other dealer can promise that kind of quick access to keep your Link-Belt cranes maintained and operational for years to come.

But our service departments aren’t limited to just the Link-Belt brand. Although Triad Machinery technicians are Link-Belt factory trained, our experience allows us to work with several different makes and models. Whether in the field or at one of our six Pacific Northwest Locations, your crane is never too far away from our in-house service department or field technician.

Can’t locate the parts for your trusty Tadano, Manitowoc, Grove, Terex, or other brands of cranes? We’ll track it down for you. Because of our reach in the Pacific Northwest, we’re able to track down almost any part for almost any brand. Our network of field representatives will visit your worksite and make sure you get the parts and service you need.

Work With Preventative Crane Maintenance Experts

With locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, you’re never too far from a regularly scheduled maintenance call. If you’ve had the crane for six months, 16 months, or six years, our service technicians will give your crane the same level of service. With standard plans, as well as emergency service in the field, Triad Machinery has you covered.

While Triad Machinery will keep your crane finely tuned and ready to go, there comes a time when it’s that time to let your truck, rough terrain, or crawler crane go. Though parting is such sweet sorrow, Triad Machinery has an incredible inventory of new Link-Belt cranes to soften the blow.

We also offer used Link-Belt cranes and other brands, all of which receive the same attention and care from our factory-trained technicians. Our cranes receive annual third-party certification from state officials to ensure your crane is ready to hit the construction site, wind farm, or other material lifting needs.

In addition to cranes, Triad Machinery is also an authorized dealer of Link-Belt Excavators (LBX) and Link-Belt, Tigercat, and T-Mar Forestry equipment. Offering the same level of service for all of our heavy machinery, Triad Machinery is your hub for heavy equipment throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Looking to trade in an older crane for a newer model, replace the cracked windshield in your swing yarder, or add aftermarket parts to increase the efficiency of your excavator? Find the Triad Machinery branch nearest you and contact our customer service representatives. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, rest assured we’ll be able to find it.

We provide the cranes and support you need.

We pride ourselves as a full-service dealership, providing repairs, parts, and maintenance for your equipment needs. Each of our six branches specializes in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts, and service.

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