Track Replacement

Cranes used during construction have come a long way from the tripods used by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. From smaller rough terrain cranes and boom trucks that are ideal for smaller loads in hard-to-reach spots to the very largest all-terrain cranes that can lift close to 300 tons, there is a crane for any job at that worksite.

Obviously, not all cranes are created equal. Different situations call for different machinery. And while many cranes use anywhere from two to six axles and wheels for mobility, crawler cranes use tracks similar to tanks. This allows them to operate on almost any surface, including construction sites where the ground can often be too soft for heavy cranes that employ wheels.

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There are other advantages of crawler cranes, too. Their wide construction and overall weight negate the need for outriggers, although the cranes themselves should be on somewhat level ground for full use. Crawler cranes can also move while holding materials and because of their design can lift huge amounts of weight.

Crane Track Replacement

Every component of every crane – control mechanisms, hydraulic systems, rigging materials – should be well-maintained and in good working order. However, if there is a problem with the tracks on your crawler crane, productivity is severely limited and the crane should no longer be used.

Crane tracks are made of several different components Just like the weakest link in a chain if any of these parts fail, the crane’s mobility and even stability could be compromised:

  • Track Shoes – The series of interlocking plates that make up the ground facing part of the track.
  • Track Chains – Found between the shoes and the rollers, sprockets, and idlers, chains keep the tracks moving forward and backward by locking into the sprocket.
  • Track Rollers – There are two sets of rollers. The bottom rollers support the weight of the crane while the top rollers or carrier rollers are responsible for supporting the track chain and, in turn, the interlocking shoes.
  • Sprockets – Providing the propulsion of the track, the sprockets are gears found at the front of the track system.
  • Idlers – The counterpart to the sprocket, idlers are in place to keep the track moving and in line.

By maintaining these components, you’ll ensure your crawler crane will retain mobility. However, unexpected obstructions, improper use, and other compromising events can lead to failure at any point. Because there are so many points, you may not have to replace the whole track mechanism.

Still, if an idler is worn or even a few shoes become disengaged, it could reduce your crawler crane to the world’s largest paperweight. Constant monitoring or even rotating the top or bottom rollers to evenly spread wear and tear can keep these miscues to a minimum.

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As the lone authorized dealer of Link-Belt cranes, all of our service technicians have been factory-trained to maintain, replace, and repair tracks on Link-Belt crawler cranes. They have been trained to inspect potential problem areas within the track and offer solutions that are both expeditious and safe.

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