Troubleshooting and Crane Repair

In almost any industry, downtime affects the bottom line. When it comes to equipment failing or malfunctioning machines, the longer it takes to fix, the longer you’re paying someone to not work so to speak. Bringing in replacement machinery can take even longer and will certainly cost more.

Triad Machinery offers both in-house and emergency repair services in the field. Our fully-equipped trucks will come to you, troubleshoot the problem, and get your crane operational again. Whether it’s a broken cab windshield, a misaligned track, or damaged wire rope, our certified service crews will get it fixed.

In-House Crane Repair

In some cases, the crane will be brought in for repair. For example, we may determine your repair needs are too great to be performed in the field. Other repairs or service calls could deal with the hydraulic system or if the original equipment manufacturer’s manual recommends it.

No matter the reason, all of our locations have large service bays, overhead cranes, and hoist mechanisms to easily access and fix the problems. Although we are an authorized Link-Belt Dealer and Repair shop, our technicians are able to work on any make or model.

If you are unable to bring the crane to us, we are more than capable of setting up transportation. We’ll work with you and our partners to set a time and place to have your equipment delivered. You set the schedule and we’ll take care of the logistics. With six locations throughout Oregon and Washington, help is never too far away.

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We provide financing options for your next crane purchase. Triad Machinery works with a number of lenders and can provide you with the best rates to meet your business needs.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

One way to keep your crane in top working in order is regularly scheduled service tune-ups. This goes beyond the daily inspections of rigging equipment, lifting mechanisms, and general overviews that should be happening before any material handling occurs, or at least at the start of every day.

If your crane hasn’t been used for months, Triad Machinery factory-trained technicians are qualified to evaluate your equipment. Beyond the standard fluid checks, electrical system inspections, and visual tests, Triad Machinery will put your crane through a rigorous review.

Work With The Crane Experts

In addition to repair and maintenance services, we also sell new cranes and have the largest and newest rental fleet of Link-Belt cranes in the Pacific Northwest. Almost all (95 percent) of our rentals are three years or newer. We also sell a wide variety of used makes and models if you have something specific in mind.

All of our equipment – new or used – goes through an intense inspection process before they leave the facility. They are state-certified annually and are maintained to the OEM recommendations. Need a particular part for your crane? We carry a wide range of parts, accessories, and other crane necessities to keep your job site humming.

For more information on our repair capabilities or any other questions, find the location nearest you and reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a job on the horizon that will require the use of a crane? Find the closest Triad Machinery branch and give us a call. We’ll make sure you get the right crane for the job and can rest assured that the machine you get will meet at OSHA codes and regulations.

We provide the cranes and support you need.

We pride ourselves as a full-service dealership, providing repairs, parts, and maintenance for your equipment needs. Each of our six branches specializes in new and used equipment, equipment rentals, parts, and service.

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