Link-Belt Forestry

Link-Belt Forestry (LBX) Timber Loaders: Timber Loaders are used for a variety of forestry applications as shovel loggers, loading trucks, processing trees into logs, and piling brush. As shovel loggers these machines use log grapples to grab onto fallen trees and swing them towards where they need to go, whether that is the roadside / landing for processing or feeding a yarder or skidder to get the trees to the processor. Our Timber Loader line, when equipped with a processing head takes downed timber brought to it by shovel loggers, skidders and yarders and processes the trees into logs ready to be loaded on trucks and taken to the mill site. Timber Loader LBX machines equipped with grapples are an ideal choice for cost effectively loading processed logs onto trucks heading for the mill, selectively grabbing logs from piles and precisely loading them onto the trucks with some models using as little as 3 gal/hour of diesel fuel. Equipped with either grapples or brush rakes our Timber Loader machines can pile brush and reclaim land after harvesting is completed, responsibly managing the environment for future harvests. The timber is down and you need to get it to the mill. Choose our new 40 series shovels to forward the wood to the landing and get it loaded on a truck. Our 5040 and 4640 are our big swing machines and with almost 45’ of reach you will get the wood moved in a hurry. Our 4040 makes an excellent processor carrier by providing ample amounts of oil flow when you need it and processes logs with ease. Sitting on a 350 class undercarriage the machine is very stable and gets around very well on the toughest jobs. Our 3740 and 3240 are both class leaders in their perspective classes and with large oversized undercarriages they not only load log trucks with ease, but work very well in the brush getting wood to the landings.

Link-Belt Forestry (LBX) Road Builders: Whether your maintaining existing forestry roads or pioneering a new mainline our 40 series purpose built Road builder is the best option for you. Comes standard with a side entry OSHA approved forestry cab, purpose built HD boom with high lift option, and all the guarding you need to tackle the toughest jobs.