Forestry Technical Support – RemoteCARE Telematics

Link-Belt RemoteCARE® forestry technical support allows you to keep track of your equipment in the field with a user-friendly application that takes readily available GPS technology and Telematics to provide 24/7 monitoring. You are able to track and relay information from the job site to your phone, laptop, or computer.

In addition to worksite monitoring, RemoteCARE® also offers a measure of security. With geofencing capabilities, you’ll be able to monitor the movement of your forestry equipment and even be able to severely restrict operation. The best part? Link-Belt offers these services with no subscription fees.

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Optimize Service Schedules with Forestry Technical Support

Minimizing downtime is the key to any field operation, even when it comes to scheduled maintenance. And although you can plan around certain services, repairs can bring the operation to a standstill. With RemoteCARE®, you can keep these unexpected stoppages to a minimum.

In addition to keeping tabs on and recording the usual maintenance intervals, RemoteCARE® can alert you to potential failures and other dangerous conditions. When a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is detected, an alert is sent to the monitor in the cab and a message is emailed to you.

Analyze Operations

With the accumulated information, you’ll be able to reduce operating costs by pinpointing processes that can be improved, improve operator training, and reduce idle time. These reports can be downloaded daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and help you see trends in operating practices.

In addition to forestry technical support for your machinery, Triad Machinery performs a variety of other services, including attachment installation, preventive maintenance, welding fabrication, and more. We are also the authorized dealer of Link-Belt machinery in the Pacific Northwest and have a 95% availability of all Link-Belt parts. For more information, find a location near you and get in touch with us.

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