Forestry Equipment Preventive Maintenance

There’s no way to avoid it: forestry equipment takes a beating while in the field. Whether it’s the uneven terrain, hidden obstacles, or the occasional wayward log, loggers, bunchers, forwarders, and the rest all are put to the test on a daily basis on the job site. It’s important to keep your machinery up and running and preventive maintenance ensures your downtime is kept to a minimum.

With daily checks, regularly scheduled service, equipment walk-arounds, and other preventive maintenance steps, Triad Machinery keeps your machinery up and running to its full potential. The job is hard enough without throwing sudden machine failure into the mix.

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Save Time and Money with Preventive Maintenance for Your Forestry Equipment

Keeping your loaders, processors, skidders, and other equipment in good working condition helps on two fronts. First, you won’t have to stop operations when easily preventable malfunctions occur, and second, you’re able to get the most out of your equipment. It’s much more cost-effective to keep your equipment up and running than to replace them sooner than you absolutely need to.

Dealing with constant breakdowns will also slow down your productivity, affecting efficiency and causing missed deadlines or performance goals. Taking the time to inspect and maintain your forest machinery now saves a lot of headaches in the future.

Regularly Scheduled Service Calls

By working service calls into your normal schedule–in addition to the daily inspections you already perform–you’ll be able to plan for preventive maintenance. Triad Machinery can perform the work at one of six locations around the Pacific Northwest: our oversized bays are equipped to handle any piece of forestry machinery you have.

We also offer field maintenance if you prefer, without fully-equipped service trucks available at almost any time. With regularly scheduled servicing, we’ll know exactly what will be needed on the call, removing any guesswork. We’ll keep logs of what work is performed and recommendations for the next visit.

Forestry Equipment Preventive Maintenance: Telematics

With Tigercat RemoteLOG Telematics and Link-Belt RemoteCARE Systems, your heavy-duty forestry machinery will be monitored 24/7. This technology adds another layer of preventive maintenance that automatically notifies you when service is needed as well as keeps track of normal scheduled services.

You’ll be able to monitor how your equipment is being used, when it’s being used, for how long it’s being used, and where it’s being used from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. You’ll have access to real-time diagnostics that will give you the information you need to troubleshoot any issues and head off potential problems.

Telematics can also help prevent theft or unauthorized use of your forestry equipment. By programming acceptable parameters of a work area, you can control where the machines will be able to operate. Not only will that keep your equipment from wandering off, but it will also guide the operator to stay at the designated job site.

Work With Experts in the Field

For 30 years, Triad Machinery has been your local shop for forestry equipment, from sales, delivery, repair, and maintenance. Although we work with several brands, we are the authorized dealer of Link-Belt forestry, crane, and construction equipment. We have six locations throughout Washington and Oregon so you’re never too far from us no matter where you are in the Pacific Northwest. Need preventive maintenance on a swing yarder, mulcher, or road builder? Look us up and give us a call.

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