T-Mar Forestry Equipment

Built with the user and industry as a whole in mind, T-Mar Log Champ yarders move more wood per hour, meaning you get more work done. Built for steep slope and rugged terrain logging, Log Champ 680 yarders were designed by engineers with years of experience in the industry.

The T-Mar Log Champ yarder also features comfortable, intuitive controls in the cab. Working long hours can seem even longer when you’re constantly having to fight with the controls during operation. With T-Mar, your operators won’t be battling fatigue during those final few hours of the workday.

Engines and transmissions are electronically controlled, which makes for easier, smoother operation. Every piece that went into the 680 was considered to improve workability, lower emissions, and increase productivity. It all comes together to create a fast machine that’s a joy to work with.

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T-Mar Forestry Equipment

Sightlines are an important part of any job requiring a yarder. Being able to see the logs, chasers, and other crew members is an important safety factor while the equipment is in operation. The position of the gantry and deck size makes it easy to see the work area as well as the work being done from the cab.

It’s a one-piece “mover,” cutting down on transportation time when you consider loading and unloading. Every hour spent moving a machine is an hour less spent in the field. Over the span of a year, that can lead to a lot of downtime at the job site–and that affects the bottom line.

Faster, more powerful, and stronger than other similar-sized machines, T-Mar yarders are built to be more efficient, both in operation and in design. There are no wasted motions with the Log Champ, meaning it accelerates quickly, cycles faster, and burns far less fuel than other models in this class.

Because of its compact design, T-Mar Log Champs are easy to maintain, service, and repair when needed. Built in a state-of-the-art shop, these yarders are made to last with up-to-date components, innovative technology, and quality craftsmanship.

Buy T-Mar Log Champ Yarders With Confidence

Triad Machinery provides on-site delivery and complete overviews of all T-Mar equipment we sell to ensure you or your operator have a full understanding of the machine. Both in how it operates and safety considerations. We also carry a variety of attachments to make your T-Mar Log Champ that much more versatile.

With six locations around Oregon and Washington, you’re never too far from a Triad Machinery. Find the Triad Machinery nearest you and give us a call. We have a wide range of equipment, parts, and attachments to make sure you have everything you need to do that job right.

T-Mar Forestry

T-Mar Log-Champ Swing Yarders

These machines are extremely productive and help you move wood on steep slopes safely and efficiently. Proven machines built to help you “Move Wood”.

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