Is it More Cost-Effective to Buy or Rent a Crane?

Crane in operation at a job site

Do you have a company that needs cranes from time to time? Are you wondering if it is more cost-effective to buy or rent a crane? Here are some of the main reasons to consider a crane rental over a purchase.

#1: You’ll save money
If you plan on using a crane for multiple projects during the year for many years, then it might be more effective to purchase a crane. But most of the time, companies only need them sporadically. Renting a crane on an as-needed basis will save you thousands. Triad also pays to keep our cranes stare-certified, saving you another cost.

#2: Logistics
If you don’t have the resources to get the crane to your site, Triad Machinery is able to take care of it for you. We’ll also get the crane “hook ready” for the operator which can save you time.

#3: Greater job site safety
Cranes are large machines that have inherent safety risks if operated incorrectly. If you purchase a crane that is specialized to your specific project, you will increase job site safety. In addition, all crane rentals are maintained well so there is less risk for machine malfunctions.

#4: Storage
Don’t want to be bogged down with trying to store a crane? Most of the time, business owners simply don’t have the space for a crane. Renting a crane eliminates the need to clear out space in your warehouse or rent a separate space for crane storage.

#5: Saved time
All heavy equipment requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and safely. Because of a crane’s complexity, it takes a lot of time and training to make sure the repairs and maintenance are completed correctly.

A crane is a powerful machine that can help complete many projects with ease. We can help with any information you need regarding crane rentals, operations, and more! Triad Machinery’s large fleet of non-operated crane rentals includes crawler cranes, boom trucks, rough-terrain cranes, and others.

Triad Machinery has one the largest – and newest – fleets of rental cranes in the Pacific Northwest. Our service techs have years of experience with crane service so you can be assured your crane will be in optimal condition. For more information, contact your local Triad Machinery and we’ll be happy to help.