July Safety Corner – Caught In/Between Injuries

Danger Pinch Point sign

Caught In/Between Injuries

What is a caught between accident? In your line of work, that covers a lot of ground. Crushing accidents and injuries occur on a daily basis in the heavy equipment construction business. In addition, slips and falls getting on / off heavy equipment is also a daily hazard.

Ways to Prevent Caught In/Between Injuries

  1. Be familiar with the equipment to know where the pinch, sheer, wrap and crush points are located, as well as pull-in areas
  2. Shut down equipment before doing repairs or inspections
  3. Chock the wheels on equipment that could move or roll
  4. Never work under equipment supported only by a jack; use a secondary support device
  5. Use cylinder safety locks on equipment that support hydraulic cylinders to prevent the release of stored energy
  6. Make sure all guards are in place and properly secured after servicing equipment
  7. Stand to the side and be clearly visible to the tractor driver when hitching or unhitching equipment
  8. Leave an escape route to prevent being pinned between two objects
  9. Take extra caution when working around equipment that uses belts, chains, sprockets or PTO shafts
  10. Watch for people carrying objects that block their view of you or their destination
  11. Keep your focus of what you and the people around you are doing
  12. Eliminate all fooling around in the work area