Does Your Logging Outfit Need a Feller Buncher?

Triad Machinery Forestry Equipment

Logging outfits are constantly adapting to the conditions and challenges of the job. In some cases, an upgrade in equipment is the most practical way to meet the needs of a given logging job. For a logging operation that’s in need of new equipment, a feller buncher might be a great option!

First, let’s review what it is that feller buncher can do for a logging job:

  • The name “feller buncher” comes from the two main tasks it performs: felling trees and bunching them together.
  • A feller buncher is equipped with a large cutting head that can grab and cut trees with precision. The cutting head is usually mounted on an articulated arm that allows the operator to reach trees in tight spaces.
  • After a tree is cut, the feller buncher’s hydraulic arms can gather several trees together and hold them in place while they are being moved.
  • Feller bunchers are designed to work in all kinds of terrain, from steep slopes to wetlands. 
  • Feller bunchers can cut down trees quickly and efficiently, which can help reduce costs and improve safety on the job site.

When it comes to logging, time is always of the essence. Loggers can use a feller buncher when they need to fell and gather trees quickly and efficiently, which makes it ideal for logging operations that require high production rates. 

Feller bunchers come in different sizes and configurations, depending on the type of trees and terrain you’re working with. Overall, they can be a useful piece of equipment for logging outfits that are looking to up their productivity. 

In the market for a feller buncher? Triad Machinery has options for you! Browse our current inventory of feller bunchers by visiting the forestry section of our website.