Logging Technology In Forestry Industry: Part II

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In spring of 2021, we wrote about ways in which technology is streamlining the logging industry. Two years later, we’re revisiting this subject, with more notes and updates about how tech and logging can go hand-in-hand. 

Logging Technology in the Forestry Industry

Across the United States, and especially in the Pacific Northwest, the logging industry has been impacted by the use of new technology. This new tech has enabled loggers to improve their efficiency and accuracy in the field, as well as to better manage their operations.

Mobile Technology

One way loggers use mobile technology is by utilizing mobile apps to keep track of their jobs. These apps can track the number of trees felled, the size of the trees, and other important information. The data from these apps can then be used to analyze and optimize operations, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Mobile technology also allows loggers to communicate more effectively with their team members and clients. They can share real-time updates on the progress of their work, report any issues or concerns, and receive feedback from clients. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that work is being done efficiently and effectively.

Another way mobile technology has impacted the logging industry is through the use of GPS tracking. This technology allows loggers to better navigate through forests and other challenging terrain, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing worker safety.

Mobile technology can also help loggers identify lumber by using image recognition software that can analyze the patterns and textures on the surface of the wood. This software can then provide information about the type of wood and its quality. Additionally, mobile apps can be used to input data about the lumber, such as the location and date of harvest, to help with tracking and inventory management.

Radio Frequency Identification

Another recent innovation in the logging industry is Radio Frequency Identification. Loggers use RFID technology to track and manage forestry operations. RFID helps loggers better manage their inventory, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. 

Other Recent Technology That Has Entered The Logging Industry

Some examples of technology that have been introduced in the past year to help make the logging industry more efficient include drones for aerial surveillance and mapping, and real-time monitoring systems to track equipment and improve safety.

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