May Safety Corner – Shop Safety

Caution Sign

Safe work habits and a clean work environment are an integral part in creating a positive company culture. At Triad Machinery, we focus on providing a safe working environment for our employees (and customers). Below are 12 Shop Safety Guidelines All Personnel Should Always Follow.

  1. Safety glasses are required in shop area(s); never work without proper eye protection -always wear appropriate safety glasses or goggles when working especially around flying objects and around chemicals.
  2. Always wear safety shoes / boots.
  3. Ensure the shop is well ventilated and appropriate PPE is used when working with machines or operating machinery in the shop.
  4. Never Be Shy to ask for help or assistance – Always ask if you are unsure about the safe operations of equipment / machinery.
  5. Exercise common sense and clarify before starting work – if you are unsure of a job or task, check with your supervisor!
  6. Never Leave Your Work Area in Mess – Always clean up after yourself. Before you leave your work site, return all tools to the toolbox, and your work area picked up (hoses, cords, floor sweep, oil / greases). Place grease sweep on spilled oils, pick up sweep and properly dispose of.
  7. Never Remove Safety Guards – They are present for reason. Ensure that safety guards are in place on moving parts before you start working.
  8. Never Leave Broken or Damaged Tools or Equipment Unreported – Always inform your supervisor to remove from service and get it repaired. Make sure you tag the broken or damaged equipment and in-form your supervisor or shop manager to get it repaired before next use.
  9. Never adjust a machine when it is in operation. Make sure you use proper LOTO “lockout / tag out” procedures. Ensure power is off, equipment is properly locked out and safety devices are in place.
  10. Forklift operations (all lifting equipment) – only trained personnel are allowed to operate lift equipment (always wear a seat belt).
  11. When using crane for lifting – ensure load capacity to crane capacity, proper lifting device, keep others out of harm.
  12. TYT (take your time), the old saying “measure twice and cut once”, do it right the first time, do not waste time and materials!

Remember, a clean shop is a safe shop.