December Safety Corner: Preparing for Winter

Triad Machinery Service Truck

Many jobsite dangers can be amplified by colder weather: Surfaces can become slippery, ice can damage equipment, and low temperatures can make outdoor work hazardous. These steps can help you avoid wintertime accidents in the workplace. 

Make walking surfaces winter-proof at the jobsite or in the shop

Slips, trips and falls are the most common workplace hazards. Add to the situation a little frost, ice or snow and it worseness the likelihood of an accident. 

Ways to reduce or mitigate some of hazards on walking surfaces:  

Use ice melt on walkways 

-Put out caution / hazard slip signs  

-Ensure mats are at all entrances (reduce slipping on wet entrance floors) 

-Inform employees of site hazards and equipment / supplies available

Do you park your work vehicle outdoors? Take precautions to make starting up easier during icey mornings.  

-Place socks over the windshield wipers / lift wipers away from windshield.  

-Place plastic bags over the mirrors  

Avoid hot water, which can cause glass to break or increase an existing windshield crack

-Use a deicer spray and snow scraper or brush

-Place cardboard or a windshield over the front windshield and rear window.  

More Workplace Steps To Prepare For The Cold: 

Dress properly—layered clothing, hat to cover head (use in conjunction with required ppe). 

-Take plenty of breaks, drink warm fluids and keep hydrated. People wearing layered clothing sweat more and get dehydrated faster!

-Keep an eye on the local weather and road conditions.

-Ensure any vehicle you are going to drive has the appropriate required safety equipment: road flares, triangle road sign, chains, jumper cables, ice scraper, flashlight.

We’ll be back with another blog on wintertime prep tips soon!