Tigercat Secure Extended Coverage

Tigercat is pleased to announce the launch of SECURE – Tigercat’s new extended coverage program.


SECURE offers customers a selection of four competitive coverage plans for engines and drivetrain components that begin after the standard warranty period on drivetrain components has ended.

SECURE increases engine and drivetrain component coverage to 3-year/6000 hours, with the option to add in travel time and mileage allowance.
SECURE is a factory-backed program that can be applied to any machine equipped with a Tigercat FPT engine. This program replaces all extended warranty offerings previously available.

The program is available for purchase up to one year after the machine’s service date, allowing you the flexibility to increase your machine coverage after your machine purchase.

Visit the Tigercat Coverage page in the related links below or visit www.tigercat.com/coverage to learn more about the SECURE extended coverage program.