Team Triad Attends Training at NPK Construction Equipment

Team Triad Machinery Employees Group Photo

Last month, members of Triad Machinery’s service department attended a training that was held by NPK Construction Equipment, one of Triad’s providers of construction attachments. Service staff from Triad’s Portland and Spokane branch were in attendance for the training, which was hosted at NPK’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Training at the NPK facility provided a hands-on, interactive experience for attendees, as it was led by NPK dealer reps and service technicians. The training also featured an in-depth tour of NPK’s assembly plant, where the process of creating NPK attachments was gone over in great detail. Training topics included full-course disassembly to reassembly of GH & PH series hammers, cylinder and booster packs for concrete crushers and compactors, and electrical systems diagnostics NPK pedestal booms.

Ben Denniston, the Service Manager at Triad’s Portland branch, attended the multi-day training: “All instructors at the training were either dealer service reps or NPK service reps, so they have actual, hands-on experience. This is important for our team, because we know the instructors and can provide us with real-world scenarios and feedback.”

Triad Machinery is proud to offer NPK Construction Equipment products to our construction customers, as NPK has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic attachments, pedestal booms and more for more than 40 years. Our staff has ample and growing experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of NPK’s product line.  

This training was part of Triad’s ongoing commitment to continued training and industry education for our team members. By partnering directly with NPK to learn about their products, we can further ensure our customers get the most out of their machines and enjoy an efficient service experience. 

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