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Link-Belt construction and excavation equipment (LBX) are built to work in the sometimes harsh environments of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s building roads in heavily forested areas or breaking rock in rough terrain, LBX machinery is up to the task. But the constant grinding can take its toll on attachments or “wear parts” of an excavator, dozer, or material handler.

When these parts are worn down, it can affect how the rest of the machine operates, too. Ruts can lead to grinding and worn parts can suddenly fail, leading to work stoppages, accidents, and even injury. Instead of replacing these parts, let Triad Machinery refurbish, reinforce, or increase the versatility of your equipment.

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Whether it’s resurfacing contact areas or strengthening particularly worn panels or attachments, Triad Machinery has been keeping construction machinery up and running since 1992. Let us take care of your equipment now before it has issues in the middle of the job site.

All of our locations have extra-large bays so we can service even the largest equipment. Our service technicians are all Link-Belt certified, although we can perform welding fabrications on all brands of construction equipment and attachments. Our refurbishing and fortifying services include:

Pin Bores – With prolonged or heavy-duty use, important bores can become elongated, worn, or otherwise misshapen, which can affect how your machinery works as a whole. Triad Machinery can machine these bores to the original state, ensuring your machinery operates as it should.

Resurfacing – Instead of replacing worn-down areas, Triad Machinery can resurface these areas or weld hard-facing material to those areas to make them more durable. This can fix ruts and other imperfections that make the equipment work harder than it has to.

Safety Gear – We can provide additional safety additions (guards around the cab, grab bars, window protection) for your equipment to make the operator more secure. While most modern equipment is already pretty safe, we can install even more protections for the operator and the machine itself.

Structural Repairs – Are there visible cracks or other imperfections to the structure of your LBX equipment? We can weld those areas or machine and attach panels for reinforcement. This will help prevent complete failures and ensure you get the most out of your machinery.

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For three decades, Triad Machinery has been working with Link-Belt construction equipment to give our customers durable and versatile excavators and materials handlers for the job site. In addition to welding and fabrications, we provide other services that keep you up and running and on schedule.

In addition to our certified service technicians, we also have an extensive parts inventory as well as new and used sales of LBX equipment. If you have a big job coming up and need the best heavy machinery to get it done right, reach out to Triad Machinery. Find the location nearest you and find out how we can help.

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Whether you are searching for new, a gently used excavators, or a quality trade-in we can get you the construction equipment you need. Contact your Triad Machinery Territory Manager today!

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