Crane Rentals in Oregon & Washington 

With one of the largest rental fleets in the Pacific Northwest, Triad Machinery has just the crane you need for any job you have. With lifting capabilities ranging from 30 to 250 tons, we’ll match you with the ideal crane. Whether you are setting rebar cages or installing concrete panels for a tilt-up multi-story business center, take a look at what we offer below.

We offer the newest rental fleet on the West Coast as 85 percent of our cranes are three years or newer. Many of our competitors still rent cranes that are up to 15 years old, which can lead to service issues in the field. We rent our cranes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with longer rental periods based on your needs.

Is your company growing? We offer a Rent-to-Purchase Option (RPO) that allows you to apply portions of the rental payment towards the cost of purchasing the machine. We also keep our rental cranes in tip-top shape with consistent inspection and service schedules.

Rent a Crane in Oregon or Washington, from Triad Machinery

The Right Crane, The Right Price

Whether you’re a small contractor or larger corporation, Triad Machinery delivers the right equipment for your project and budget. We pride ourselves in offering a complete rental product line-up of late-model Link-Belt Cranes at competitive rates to keep your costs under control.

Our exhaustive bare crane rental fleet includes a variety of Rough Terrain Cranes (RTCs), Telescopic Crawler Cranes (TCCs), and Lattice Crawler Cranes (LCCs). Triad Machinery has the inventory to meet your lifting needs, regardless of rental length term or job site requirements.

Well-Maintained and Ready To Roll

All Triad Machinery cranes are supported by our factory-trained technicians and are inspected regularly. Our cranes receive third party annual state certifications for both construction and maritime applications. That means our cranes are ready when you are. With six locations located around Oregon and Washington, you’re never too far away to rent from Triad Machinery.

Don’t have the resources – or time – to get the crane yourself? We’ll handle transportation to the worksite for you. At the coast, in the Cascades, or along the Interstate-5 corridor, Triad Machinery will make sure you get your crane to keep you on schedule.

Crane Rental Fleet

Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

Ideal for use when ground conditions are less than optimal, rough terrain cranes use outriggers for added stability. Rough terrain cranes are small enough to get into tight spots but powerful enough to lift the heaviest loads for the conditions.

ModelCapacityBoom Sections & LengthBoom TypeBoom AttachmentMaximum Tip Height
RTC-8050 Series II50 US ton4-Section (35.5 - 110')Full Power51' two-piece fly168'
RTC-8065 Series II65 US ton4-Section (38 - 115')Full Power58' two-piece fly & (2) 16' extensions211.6'
RTC-8090 Series II90 US ton5-Section (38 - 140')Pin & Latch58' two-piece fly & (2) 16' extensions238'
100RT100 US ton5-Section (40.6 - 155')Full Power58' two-piece fly & (1) 16' extension237'
110RT110 US ton6-Section (38 - 164')Pin & Latch58' two-piece fly & (2) 16' extensions262'
120RT120 US ton6-Section (38 - 164')Pin & Latch58' two-piece fly & (2) 16' extensions262'
RTC-80130 Series II130 US ton5-Section (41.4 - 162')Pin & Latch55' three-piece fly & (3) 18' extensions278'
RTC-80160 Series II160 US ton6-Section (42.3 - 195.3')Pin & Latch55' three-piece fly & (3) 18' extensions311'


Telescopic Crawler Crane Rentals

Required for use on the biggest of jobs, telescopic crawler cranes are perfect for lifting heavy loads to extreme heights. Telescopic cranes allow you to begin work right away for a variety of heights and are mobile while still carrying a load.

ModelCapacityBoom Sections & LengthBoom TypeBoom AttachmentMaximum Tip Height
TCC-50050 US ton4-Section (35.5 - 110')Full Power51' two-piece fly165.5'
TCC-75075 US ton4-Section (38 - 115')Full Power58' two-piece fly179'
TCC-80080 US ton4-Section (38 - 120')Full Power58' two-piece fly184.5'
TCC-1200120 US ton5-Section (40 - 150')Full Power55' three-piece fly211'


Lattice Crawler Crane Rentals

Using the same chassis as telescopic cranes, lattice cranes need to be assembled at the job site. They still offer a certain amount of flexibility depending on the number of lattice boom extensions used.

ModelCapacityBoom Length (Tube)Boom TypeMaximum Boom & JibMaximum Tip Height
218 HSL110 US ton200'Tube200' + 75'279'
238 HSL150 US ton260'Tube230' + 80'308'
298 HSL Series 2250 US ton290'Tube250' + 90'342'


Work With Experts

For more than three decades, Triad Machinery has been helping loggers, construction companies, and industrial businesses get the heavy equipment they need to do a job. We have an extensive fleet of serviced and maintained rental cranes, new and used cranes for sale, and other forestry and construction machines for sale.

Having an issue with your crane in the field, even if it isn’t one of ours? All of our service technicians have been trained in the field as well. Don’t worry about bringing your crane or excavator to us – we’ll come to you! Our service trucks are fully equipped to work on crane, forestry, and construction equipment.

In addition to new and used equipment for sale, a highly-trained service department, and an impressive rental fleet, Triad Machinery also offers parts and attachments for your rigs. Whether it’s wiper fluid for a truck crane or a new track for your excavator, we have it. And if we don’t, we’ll find it for you.

Find a location near you and give us a call about taking care of your crane rental needs. Triad Machinery will have your job site up and running in no time at all. We look forward to hearing from you.

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