Tigercat Forestry Equipment

Tigercat is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing, processing and harvesting equipment for rough terrain applications. They’ve been perfecting the off-road capabilities of their heavy forestry equipment for decades to provide durable, long-lasting skidders, bunchers, harvesters, and more.

Their full lineup of full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems was developed by starting with the engineering first, bringing innovation to the forestry industry to keep improving productivity and increasing efficiency. Through upgraded stability, ease of operation, and an emphasis on safety, Tigercat forestry equipment offers high performance, high cycle times, and a formidable lifespan.

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Technological Advances

With the addition of LogOn and RemoteLog Telematics, you can get up to the minute information on any of your Tigercat machines. Hours of operation, where the equipment is located in the field, and other data is relayed to the cab, your computer, or even your smartphone.

The technology also acts as a safety and security monitor of sorts. By relaying potential failure points and keeping you up to date on service and maintenance checks, you can address small issues before they become big problems. By tracking any and all movement, if your machines are being moved when they’re not supposed to be moved, you’ll know.

Mechanical Advantages

Tigercat’s WideRANGE variable transmission, you’ll move from tree to tree much faster than other fellers, bunchers, and forwarders with traditional two-speed transmissions. Quicker work rates mean lower costs per ton in high-producing thinning and felling applications.

With Tigercat’s patented ER system, operators are able to extend or retract the boom with greater speed without affecting the smoothness of operation. This increases productivity, improves fuel efficiency, and decreases operator fatigue.

Other advancements include Efficient High Speed for high tractive efforts and increased travel speeds on the fly and Turnaround, a two-position swivel seat in the cab to allow the operator to work skidders in either direction with ease. Increased power, more intuitive harvest head control, and more efficient gate heights on forwarders were all developed with increased productivity and safety in mind.

Find Your Tigercat

Tigercat innovations are used across their fleet of equipment. Triad Machinery carries Tigercat skidders, loggers, feller bunchers, forwarders, and harvesters to help you and your crews to get more done during the day. We also carry mulchers and carbonizers to clear or clean paths easily and dispose of waste wood in a clean, efficient manner.

With six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, you’re never too far away from Triad Machinery’s full line of Tigercat equipment. Find the location nearest you and give us a call. With an array of parts and attachments as well as a fully outfitted service department, we have everything you need to keep your equipment up and running.

Tigercat Skidders

Skidders are some of the most cost effective and productive tools loggers can use to bring downed trees to the landing or roadside. These powerful machines are often quipped with large capacity grapples at the rear of the machine, allowing the operator to grab onto piles of trees and drag them wherever they need to go, on virtually any terrain. Tigercat skidders use their unique TURNaround technology, allowing the operator to rotate his seat facing either forwards or backwards, ending the need to twist their neck or back when reversing the machine also eliminating the need for turning the machine around at the pile or the landing. With ten skidder sizes and multiple grapple, cable and clam bunk options Tigercat has the right sized skidder for your application from narrow thinning operations, to long drags, soft ground conditions, broken terrain, steep slope and everything in between. Tigercat skidders lead the industry with six-wheel drive articulating options, allowing them to be used in conjunction with tracks to drastically reduce ground disturbance as well as giving our skidders the ability to work in steeper terrain and softer ground conditions. Tigercat skidders deliver wood to roadside at the lowest cost in a variety of terrain conditions, tree sizes and species. Build quality, durability and operator ergonomics are unmatched. Tigercat’s unique skidder drive system combines hydrostatics with electronic control technology, resulting in unparalleled productivity and efficiency. With a wide range of 4 and 6-wheel skidder options, we will help match the correct machine for your application.

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Tigercat Loggers

Tigercat shovel loggers are available in both leveling and non-leaving varieties. While they both swing grapple loads of logs towards the next step in the harvesting process, our leveling LS855 shovel logger is the most innovative and effective shovel logger available for steep slope mechanical timber harvesting. With the lower undercarriage of the machine articulating independently of the upper, our LS855 can safely and efficiently log terrain that was once unsafe or unproductive to log with traditional shovel loggers. Our leveling shovel loggers are also available with factory extended track grousers, offering the best traction possible on steep ground while being factory supported and keeping the warranty coverage of all your components including final drives intact. When equipped with our 5195 directional felling head our Tigercat leveling shovel loggers allow operators to fall and shovel timber in areas where teams of hand cutters and choker setters were once the only option, limiting your company’s exposure to boots on the ground. Full forest-duty Tigercat loggers are rugged and hydraulically advanced carriers suited to a wide variety of duties and applications including loading, shovel logging, felling and processing. Tigercat loggers include the powerful, nimble S855E/LS855E shovel loggers and the larger 875, 880, and 890 series loggers.

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Tigercat Feller Bunchers

Feller Bunchers equipped with a hot saw or intermittent saw are some of the most effective machines on the planet for falling timber for harvesting. Simultaneously grabbing and cutting trees at high speed these machines are able to bunch these trees and set them into piles for shovel loggers, skidders, or yarders to come behind them continuing the harvest process. Tigercat Feller Bunchers are available with their patented leveling system that allows them to safely and efficiently work on terrain previously resigned to teams of cutters with chainsaws. These leveling undercarriages can also be equipped with factory supported extended grousers giving you the best traction possible while keeping your drive train components under warranty. Tigercat builds premium quality track Feller Bunchers recognizing that high productivity, efficiency, long service life and minimal unscheduled downtime are the keys to profitability. Tigercat track Feller Bunchers are field-proven in some of the harshest applications and climates on the planet. With an optional closed loop hydraulic system, the machine is designed to meet the performance standards of the best bunched operators in the world.

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Tigercat Forwarders

Forwarders are highly effective machines at moving processed logs off-road through narrow thinning corridors and across challenging terrain. Tigercat forwarders are equipped with the most powerful cranes in the industry with log grapples that pick up logs in piles made by harvesters, they then place the logs inside purpose built bunks for transport to the landing or roadside. Forwarders excel in transporting these logs while limiting the impact to the environment with low ground compaction thanks to articulating bogies purpose built by Tigercat to withstand the extreme hardships of forestry applications, making them the ideal choice for selective thinning and fuel reduction harvesting jobs aimed at effective harvesting and environmental protection. Tigercat loader forwarders combine technology from Tigercat’s well proven swing machines with purpose-built frames, a forwarder bunk system and a Tigercat driveline for a multipurpose machine for forestry, mill yard and off road industrial applications.

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Tigercat Harvesters

Track and wheel harvesters are some of the most technically advanced machines in the logging industry. Harvesters fall standing timber while simultaneously processing the tree into a finished log, creating piles for the forwarder to come behind and transport to the landing or roadside. Tigercat Harvesters are available in several sizes to best suit your needs from selective thinning to final harvest. With track and wheeled options available logging contractors can find the right machine for their application, with the legendary purpose built reliability offered by Tigercat. Tigercat’s purpose-built, forestry duty track harvesters offer superior performance, fuel efficiency, uptime, longevity and service access over excavator conversions, ultimately reducing the cost per ton of processed wood. With an extensive range of leveling and flat bottom machines, a Tigercat carrier can be matched to most of the world’s at-the-stump harvesting and roadside processing applications.

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Tigercat Mulchers

For over two decades Tigercat has designed and built forestry equipment with increasingly complex hydraulic and electronic systems that are able to survive some of the harshest operating environments on the planet. The high duty cycle application of mulching and land clearing is a perfect fit for this learned expertise. Tigercat mulchers are more reliable, efficient and productive than competing products, with higher uptime and superior operator ergonomics.

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Tigercat Grinders

Tigercat grinders are designed for high production and extreme duty applications. High quality component and durable Tigercat construction maximize uptime for any processing application.

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Tigercat Dozers

Tigercat purpose-built forestry dozers are designed and built to handle the tough working environment and demanding duties like road building and stump removal that harvesting professionals require on logging operations.

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Tigercat Cable Yarding Systems

The Tigercat 180 combines the speed and stability of conventional yarders with the mobility and simpler controls of excavator based yarders.

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Tigercat Carbonizers

Advanced, efficient and cost-effective, Tigercat carbonators reduce wood debris volume through an eco-friendly carbon recycling process. Logs, limbs, brush, stumps and other wood based debris are processed onsite with no grinding or chipping required.

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