Beat the Heat By Checking Your Machine’s AC

Crane lifting wind turbine blade on a wind farm | Triad Machinery

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest can bring temperatures in the 100s, and hot temperatures are a danger for machines and their operators. A person overheating while using a piece of heavy machinery is a hazard that threatens the lives of everyone on and around a job site. One step crews can take to beat the heat in the summer is making sure their machines’ air conditioning is running efficiently. AC systems can drastically reduce the internal temperature within a machine, keeping operators safer and more comfortable.

Schedule Service Before The Hottest Months of The Year
In general, the Pacific Northwest’s climate doesn’t require air conditioning from November-May. That timeline allows ample opportunity for AC units to falter or degrade, without anyone noticing. That’s why it’s important to verify your AC is working before putting a machine in an extreme heat situation. Checking your AC systems and scheduling service in advance also helps prevent the ongoing supply chain slowdowns from impacting your machine getting the parts it needs.

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