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While Global Positioning Systems have been in place for decades (or even longer if you count governmental use), the construction industry has only recently begun using it to their full advantage. With the advent of “smart” technology, crane modernizations make even straightforward jobs much more efficient.

Triad Machinery uses many of these systems to upgrade existing cranes we have for sale as well as new Link-Belt heavy machinery already equipped with these technologies. By using the traditional GPS (Telematics) systems, Triad Machinery allows you to keep your cranes on target miles away from the worksite.

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Make Excavating More Exact

No smartphone app that will eliminate every miscalculation: They are only as good as the information they receive or their operator’s expertise. However, with the amount of information available at any given site, newer technology can save an overwhelming amount of time.

This can save on labor costs, the amount of gas used, and other cost overruns. Even excavating for buried infrastructure can be improved overnight. Link-Belt Precision Grade software will give workers and their equipment the data they need to take a specific action.

By adding sensors to the cab, boom, arm, and bucket attachment, the Precision Grade software will give the crane operator a 2D view of the dig. Instead of having a man on the ground to make measurements, it all happens from within the cab.

No more grading, filling back in, or re-grading to get it right. Instead of three or four passes, the excavator will get it right the first time. In fact, the system even allows for the machine to do the work without an operator. An operator will still need to be in the cab to take over at any time.

The system will be able to actuate the drive system, acceleration and deceleration, braking systems of the excavator or crane. The control system will operate to exacting standards. This means fewer feet on the ground, saving you money at the job site almost immediately.

Other system software we are able to add to both new and used machinery includes a system that can track the operations of your cranes and other heavy machinery. This will make sure your cranes are where they need to be, track fuel consumption, and eliminate other wasted movements. And it can be pre-programmed or tracked through your phone.

As part of your overhead crane service, Triad Machinery can outfit your equipment with many of these improvements. Crane upgrades will not only make your crews more efficient, but you’ll also see improvements to your bottom line. Jobs will be done faster, with more precision, and less waste. All of which points to an improved bottom line.

Want to experience your lifts before they happen? A1A developed the first VR software that allows you to perform a lift without ever leaving the office. Getting a feel for the crane, as well as windy conditions or irregular loads, allows engineers, crane operators, and riggers the opportunity to make needed adjustments when the time to go to work comes.

Although Triad Machinery doesn’t sell the software, we are firm believers in making every lift, no matter how simple they may seem, as safe as possible. By using 3D lifting plans along with other upgrades or modernizations to your equipment, you will do just that. Because lifts have already been “virtually” done, you may even be able to cut down on lead times for your clients.

If you have any other questions about upgrading your cranes or other heavy machinery, reach out to the closest Triad Machinery branch for more information. No matter the make or model, many of the advances mentioned above can be used to increase efficiencies. We look forward to hearing from you.

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